Mindshare Medical to Launch an AI Screening Tech Capable of Viewing Data Beyond People’s Imagination

AI Screening Tech

The rapid emergence of technology and science has taken the world to a whole new level. Those days are not so far when standing in front a mirror can almost scan the entire body of a human notifying all the tiniest changes that have been detected at that particular moment, with urine count, heartbeat rate, etc. Talking about diagnosis people might think that detecting cancer is easy, as either there’s a cancerous tumor or not. But practically the task is much difficult than it seems. Revealing the difference between a harmless and terrific lump is truly beyond one’s imagination with the latest imaging tech; as said by Ilya Goldberg to GeekWire. And this is exactly where he thinks about welcoming the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Goldberg is the CTO and co-founder of Mindshare, and also a long-time machine learning expert and biologist.

The beginning is to set up an AI tool that will be capable of detecting cancer with the help of imaging data visible to the human eye. Mindshare announced on Thursday, that its image analysis item has been cleared to release in the Canadian hospitals; the first foray into the market sphere. The company is even looking forward towards clearance in the U.S. and the E.U. and has work undergoing the technology in private trials for many years. The annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America promotes up to 50,000 physical attendees, and thousands of virtual ones, and loads of software providers and vendors. AIdoc medical help radiologists to work through their case pressure quicker just within time making a difference in the field.

CEO Michael Calhoun and Goldberg stated that the technology targets in making an initial screening of cancer more efficient, preventing from prolonged delays for the victims who have cancer and also unwanted and expensive follow-up procedures, for those who are not affected. This pair started working behind the Mindshare along with COO and co-founder Samir Chowdhury, after investing years in the academic research. All of them realized that imaging was a massive part of medicine, but that wasn’t taking any lead either as it could.

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