Planets Spotted Outside the Solar System: These Exoplanets could Support Life

Planets Spotted Outside the Solar System: These Exoplanets could Support Life

Exoplanets are planets those exist beyond the solar system. In the past two decades thousands of such exoplanets have been discovered, majority with the Kepler Space Telescope of NASA. These group of planets that are identified by the scientists outside the solar system, consist similar chemical conditions capable of leading life just like on earth. Astronomers have invented and confirmed about the three smallest planets ever noticed outside solar system. All of the three planets orbit a single star and are smaller compare to earth and are rocky. The researchers from the “Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the Cambridge University found that chance of growing life on the surface of these rocky planets like Earth are related to the strength and type of light delivered by its host star.

A study published in the Science Advances journal suggests; stars that give off adequate ultraviolet ray could be reason behind the kick-start of life on their orbiting rocky planets in similar way most probably that happened on Earth. Till date, astronomers discovered almost four other rocky planets, which are also known as terrestrial planets, orbiting around other stars. These new trio planets orbit close to the central star to stay in its habitable zone; the ring shaped area across a star where there’s mild temperature that’s enough for liquid water, most possibly existence for life. But these rocky planets are the first ever to orbit a dim type, small star named as the “red dwarf”, the most common type in the Milky Way. This occurrence suggests that the galaxy might be merging with identically rocky planets, leaving a good chance of many existences in the habitable zone.

Dr. Paul Rimmer; the postdoctoral researcher stated that this work permits them to narrow down the best areas for searching life. It takes a bit closer in addressing the question of whether or not about the only existence of life on earth. It can be way easier to look for the fantastical, colourful artistic rendering released after discovery of new planets making feel bit strange about other new life-forms in the Galaxy.

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