Google Lens App Hits 500 Million Downloads On Play Store

Google Lens App

Google Lens has reached 500 million downloads. Google Lens is one of many useful apps by the search engine giant. It was released in June 2018. It achieved this feat in a little over two and a half years. It is available for download on Android handsets via the Play Store. It is an image recognition app. Google showcased it first at the developer conference in 2017. The company integrated it into Google Assistant on Pixel devices. It was made available for other Android devices later. Google’s partner OEMs has also Google Lens integrated in the camera app. Google later launched Google Lens as a standalone app. It, however, works with Google Assistant and Google Podcasts.

Google Lens can scan texts and translate them as well. Users can even copy the scanned text to their system with the help of Google Lens. It also can recognize handwritten notes. It can also be helpful during shopping, especially when one finds it hard to describe in words what he is looking for. Users can search for any product by just clicking a photo or screenshot and uploading it. Google said that it can assist those learning a new language. It can translate as many as 100 languages. Users can tap it to hear the words.

Google said that from the search bar in the Google app, users can use Google Lens to get help address a homework problem. It provides step-by-step guides and videos to learn and solve mathematical, physics, biology, and chemistry problems. The company said that the rise in its download was mainly boosted after it was launched as a standalone app. According to Google’s claim, the app can recognize 15 billion things on the planet. Two years ago, it supported one billion things. Google Lens uses Style Engine technology to identify items. It helps to match the pattern to deliver results. Meanwhile, Google has also declared that people who wish to buy a new car could soon search for it and see an AR model right on their smartphone.

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