YouTube Rolling Out New Feature To Create Short Clips, Live Stream Videos


Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is working on a new feature to create short clips. The company said that it will allow users to capture moments and share them via videos. Users can also live stream videos. The minimum duration of videos will be five seconds. Users can record videos for a maximum of 60 seconds. The clips will also have a new URL linked with them. Users can select any segment from 5 to 60 seconds to create a video. YouTube said that a creator’s content can also be shared with other platforms. While viewing content, users will get to see a clip icon under the video. The icon will let users select a portion of the video that they want to clip.

YouTube said that the new feature will allow users to share the clip via social media networks. Users can also send the clip via email. One can adjust the length of the clip by just dragging the slider. The company said that users can play the clipped video on the original video on loop. YouTube has already rolled out the feature for limited users. It is currently in alpha testing. It is available for desktop users. Android users have also been provided access to the feature. The company said that it will extend the feature to iOS users in the coming months. The feature is quite similar to the one on Twitch.

In another related development, YouTube has announced to enable HDR support on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. The video-sharing platform’s app on Xbox never had HDR support. The company said that the HDR support works on the existing Xbox One devices. It will also support the Series X and Series S. The HDR videos are brighter and more colorful. However, the maximum resolution will depend on the console. The HDR support came nearly three years after Microsoft’s announcement. Meanwhile, Microsoft said that the gaming services will soon be made available to PCs and iOS users.

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