Tesla Begins Delivery Of Mid-Size China Made SUV Model Y


Electric car maker Tesla has started deliveries of Model Y vehicles. Model Y is manufactured in China. The deliveries of the mid-size SUV come a year after Tesla launched the project in China. The gigafactory in Shanghai is Tesla’s first plant outside America. It is at the Shanghai gigafactory where Tesla manufactured the new vehicle. Tesla started the sale of the new model on January 1. It promised to begin deliveries in January itself. Tesla said that deliveries are currently limited to Shanghai. It said that deliveries beyond Shanghai will begin soon. The starting price of the vehicle is USD 52,370.

Model Y is the second Tesla vehicle to be built at its gigafactory in Shanghai for sale in China. It followed Model 3 sedans that Tesla manufactured at the Shanghai factory. The company delivered Model 3 vehicles to people in China last year. It was also shipped to European countries late last year. Model Y is Tesla’s mid-size sport-utility vehicle. It is a seven-seater car and is fully electric. The middle seat is foldable and thus offers flexible storage for luggage. The liftgate in the car opens to a low trunk floor for easing loading and unloading tasks. It features emergency braking and collision warning. Tesla has provided its full self-driving capability in the vehicle. The company is looking to expand its sales figures in China with the new vehicle.

Tesla is increasing infrastructure for electric cars in China. It operates over 700 supercharging stations across China. It has more than 5,700 superchargers. Shanghai is alone home to 86 supercharging stations. The city has nearly 850 superchargers. The company is planning to invest in setting up more supercharger plant. It is aiming at 10,000 new superchargers in the first three months of 2021. China offers hefty subsidies for electric vehicles. The companies see this as an opportunity. They are eager to grab the market. China wants cut down dependency on fossil fuels. It is already facing faces grave threats from rising levels of pollution.

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