Elon Musk-owned Tesla Likely To Start Selling Model 3 In India From 2021

Tesla Model 3

The electric vehicle market is growing fast and Tesla is preparing to capture one of such potentially vast markets – India. Reports suggest that Elon Musk owned electric vehicle manufacturer is to launch in the country in 2021. While initially, the company will sell entry-level Model 3, there are reports that the company has a bigger plan for the Asian country. Tesla is willing to explore the opportunity of building a local production facility. However, the decision on this front will be taken on the basis of the response it receives from the Indian customers.

While some reports suggest that Tesla will start selling its vehicle in India in early next year, Musk seems to have suggested that it is not a possibility. Musk asserted that it is going to happen in 2021 without specifically telling the timeline. Tesla has now public relations department where a request for formal reply or comment can be made. Musk had dissolved the company’s PR department in October this year. But before taking any decision on this front, Tesla will test the waters. It needs to understand how affordable its vehicles will be in India as the even cheapest model of the company costs USD 74,739 at current exchange rates.

Tesla in the past talked about its plan to build cheaper and affordable cars specifically designed to cater to the Chinese market. Such an expansion in India could be a good move for the company. Meanwhile, Tesla is building two new production plants. One is under construction just outside of Berlin, Germany, and another in Austin, Texas. Earlier this year, Tesla started its first production unit outside of the United States in Shanghai. Tesla is all prepared for the launch of three vehicles. The first one on the list is Cybertruck whose production is expected to begin in Texas this year. Next generation Roadster and the Semi have faced a handful of delays and are in pipeline.

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