Tesla Starts Deploying Starlink Satellite Antennas At Supercharger Stations To Provide Wi-Fi Access

Tesla Electric cars

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is planning to offer internet services at Supercharger stations. The company has already started deploying Starlink antennas at these stations. The move is seen as an effort to allow vehicle owners to access Wi-Fi while charging. It means that they can enjoy Starlink satellite internet and use Tesla’s entertain apps while charging.

The Starlink antennas or dishes are officially called Dishy McFlatface. Tesla users have reported Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations in Florida. Tesla is yet to make any statement. The purpose behind deploying such antennas is unclear. But it is most likely that Tesla will provide Startlink internet services. It also remains unclear that where else Tesla has sent such dishes.

The move is seen as a complimentary service by the company. Vehicle owners can access Tesla entertainment services at charging stations. It will enhance charging their experience. SpaceX will provide Standard Connectivity. Users can enjoy entertainment apps within the car while charging. Tesla provides in-car apps for entertainment. The Tesla Theater app lets users to play their videos, songs and other content on YouTube.

Users can also access Netflix, Twitch, and more. Another interesting feature is Tesla Arcade. Users can play video games through Tesla Arcade while within the car. Vehicle owners buying the premium connectivity can use Tesla’s services through the LTE cellular connectivity. The monthly subscription is just USD 10. It is only for applications that are data-heavy.

Starlink is a satellite internet project by Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX. The company plans to establish a constellation satellite. SpaceX is aiming to launch 12,000 satellites. These satellites will be placed in the low Earth orbit. Through these satellites, SpaceX will provide broadband internet access. It will cover the whole Earth.

According to the company’s claim, Starlink will let people living in remote and rural areas access the internet. It will act as an alternative to the traditional internet infrastructure. Starlink claims to allow users to transfer data at a speed similar to the speed of light. It mainly relies on a dish and satellites for connectivity. The beta version of Starlink is available in the US to limited users. It was launched in October 2020.

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