Dow Jones Future Went Down Because Of Current Trade War Pressure

Dow Jones Future Went Down Because Of Current Trade War Pressure

When it comes to trade war issues, the one thing which no one wants to see is its side effect in the US stock market. Dow Jones futures on Sunday sharply fell along with NASDAQ and S&P 500 futures. The US stock market did not perform well when Trump said that US is right where we want it to be because the trade war tension with China is increasing every day. A few days ago the investors got a sigh of relief when Chinese delegates decided to come to the USA for talking about the trade deals.

However, after considering the latest situation Dow Jones, S&P 500 index and Nasdaq composite have suffered significant losses on Sunday. Recently China has refused to agree to the terms and conditions of Trump administration. Trump has already started made this trade war a more prominent issue when he said that he is going to levy more than 25% taxes on Chinese goods and services. Apple, AMD, Twitter and Facebook are those etch stocks which are not performing well form last few days. The pressure of trade war is clearly on these companies because they are dependent for their services in China.

Apple is losing its value in Chinese market against big companies like Huawei and the same happening with the other US-based tech companies also. The Dow Jones has fallen by more than 2% since last week and many other stock indexes also not performing well. The current situation of wall street shows that investors are almost in a panic and that’s the reason why everyone is still sceptical about US-China relationships. The US-China trade issue is going to be more brutal in future for sure because none of these countries is trying to sign a fair trade deal agreement.

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