Game of Thrones Latest Episode Is All About Mad Queen

Game of Thrones Latest Episode Is All About Mad Queen

HBO’s most prominent TV series Game Of Thrones is on the verge of ending and today fans witnessed the surprising fifth episode of Game of Thrones. Since the last two episodes people were not expecting something would like this happen. The mad queen Cersei is now getting fierce competition from another mad queen Daenerys Targaryen. If you haven’t watched this episode, then we will recommend you not to read the post furthermore. The fifth episode starts with Varys getting killed for letting the secret of Jon Snow’s true parentage to everyone.

Daenerys who wants the Iron Throne decides to set varys on fire with the help of her child “Drogon.” The army of unsullied and wildlings go to the king’s landing for the war, but Tyrion convinces Khaleesi for not destroying the city which will ultimately kill thousands of innocent people. However, the mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen first destroys every ship of Euron and attacks the Kings landing with her dragon even though people living in the city were ready for surrender.

Another big surprise which got in this episode is the fight between Hound vs. Mountain in which both of them end “win” by dying together. You will be able to see the real face of Hound in this episode after so many long periods. But the death which surprised everyone is Jaime Lannister’s align with his love of life Cersei Lannister. To reach to the Cersei, Jaime kills Euron Greyjoy but in the end even after he gets the Cersei both of them die (presumably). Now the big question which every fan of the game of thrones fans asking is what is going to happen next?. Well, the villain of the show keeps changing because till the 3rd episode of season 8 we thought the Night King is the real villain then came Cersei Lannister. However, now after the brutal attack on kings landing everyone would say Daenerys Targaryen is the real villain.

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