9th Generation Processor By Intel could Release Next Month with 8 Cores

Intel 9th Generation Processor

More information is wrapping up about the massive leaked news of Intel’s 9th generation processor that happened 12 Aug 2018. HKEPC; the Chinese website reported that they exchanged words with an unknown manufacturer of the Taiwanese motherboard, and he spilled the beans on this forthcoming Cannon 9th Gen Lake micro-architecture. Although there are still not many details regarding this leak of Intel’s up gradation. Sources close to the Wccftech reported that three of the flagship desktop processors of Intel in the 9000 series will be dropping in, on 1st October, along with the remainder of the family might be unfolded in the first quarter of the year 2019. The three of these CPUs are Intel Core i9-900k (8-core/16-thread), Core i5-9600k (6-core/6-thread), Intel Core i7-9700K (8core/8-thread). Among these 3 CPUs, the Core i9 is the Intel’s mainstream first desktop release, and also the first Octa-core with 16-threads. But, only these above-mentioned processors weren’t just all that the document had exposed. The cache size, clock speed, and thermal design power of the whole 9th gen family got revealed in the leaked document, along with approx pricing of these 3 flagships.

If considered that these will be developed on the 10nm lithography cause of the continued nomenclature of Cannon Lake, still it contrasts the previous leaks lightly implying a continuation of 14nm++? It might be the case that Intel is gearing up again with a mingled architectural generation, identical to the approach that has been seen with the 8th generation. This can result into several micro-architectures like; Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake, incorporated within the 9th Generation. If progress takes place in all of these then the Core-i5 range may have a 6-core/12-thread processor in its nub, and the i3 range with all 4 core/8-thread processors. Then this could surely shape up the best processors for all the gamers out there, specifically with the strong single-core performance of Intel.

However, all these entire technical discussions still come under a rumor, the soaring evidence has been seen to support the leaked timeline. So all are hanging on till Intel next-gen CPUs get launched.

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