Study Warns Astronauts That Travelling to Mars Could Lead Having a High Chance of Stomach Tumours


Lately a NASA-funded study reveals that prolonged exposure to Cosmic Radiation will be putting the astronauts at a high risk of developing stomach tumours; Colon. Travelling to long distances in the space could destroy the guts of astronauts, as per a major new study by NASA-funded. Researchers from the University of Georgetown that the radiation astronauts will be experiencing during the long voyages might massively damage the GI-Gastrointestinal system. In the near future Astronauts travelling to Mars could go through a severe stomach problem, this study reveals.

Dr. Kamal Dutta who led the study stated that with the latest shielding technology, it could be quite difficult in protecting the astronauts from the adverse effects of the hefty ion radiation. However, there might be a way out of using medications to counter such effects, which no agents have developed yet. Heavy ions such as; silicon and iron are damaging because they have greater mass compared to the non-mass photons like; x-rays and the gamma rays endemic on planet earth and also the low mass protons in the outer space, as the study stated by senior investigator; Dr. Kamal. Whilst short trips such as astronauts travelling to the Moon, may not have much exposure causing this level of damage, but the real concern is lasting injury from such long term trip like; that in Mars or some other missions in deep space that would be much longer.

The GI is always in a continuous plight of self-renewal and replacement, since its cell continually change. The top layer of it is replaced after every three to five days as new cells shift to take place of the older cells. Any disturbance occurred in this replacement mechanism leads to a malfunctioning of physiologic processes like nutrient absorption and begins with pathologic process like; cancer; as stated by the director of NASA; Albert Fornace Jr. In a study performed the mice received heavy ions like those that were experienced in the outer space, whilst some had exposure to gamma rays, and the same might be the case in human bodies.

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