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Popsugar twinning app has gained lots of popularity among teenagers because with the help of this fantastic app you can find out your celebrity look alike. There are Lakhs of people who use this app on a daily basis just for the sake of entertainment. There are many celebrity look-alike apps in the market, but the twinning app has some unique features which users like the most. However, from last few days, this app has been lots of controversies because according to some reports it’s been found that due to some bug it was revealing users private data without their permission. In popsugar twinning app generally, a user will be asked to upload a selfie to find out their celebrity look-alike, and due to some technical issues, this app was found to be revealing its user’s data directly.

There are lots of questions arises after such kind of incident because more than lakhs of people uses this app means all of their data is not in a safe place, and it could be access by the hackers also. Many people showed their anger through social media on the twinning app, and due to which popularity of this app is getting down also the users are now shifting to alternatives to PopSugar’s twinning app. If you’re even one of those people who has got too much concerned about the usability of the twinning app then here is the list of some of the best alternative to the twinning app.


Starlook is one of the best alternatives for PopSugar’s twinning app because with this app find out your celebrity look alike after measuring your size. It has got some positive reviews on the Appstore, and thousands of people use it for the sake of entertainment.

Which Celebrity DO you Look Alike?

Upload your selfies and find out what your matched celebrity.

Your Celebrity Match

It will help you find your celebrity doppelganger by looking at your twitter profile.

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