Samsung’s New Tracking Device Galaxy Smart Tag Design Revealed In Two Colors


Tech giant Samsung is developing a new tracking device. It is called Galaxy Smart Tag. It is similar to AirTag that is being developed by Apple. According to Samsung, its new Galaxy Smart Tag will offer additional security to its devices. It could be used to track nearby devices. The South Korean company has revealed the upcoming product’s first look. The Galaxy Smart Tag tracker will come in a rounded square shape. It will be reminiscent of Tile trackers. At the center, the company has added a ring shape. At the top, there is a cut-out at the top. It will probably be a button. Users will require pressing this button to locate the phone that is connecting with it.

Samsung will release the device in multiple colors. It will be made available in two colors — black and white. It is likely that Galaxy Smart Tag will integrate with the SmartThings Find service. It helps owners of Galaxy gadgets to track their missing devices like smartphones, earbuds, and others. Notably, a new device was earlier spotted by the industry experts in filings submitted for certification in Indonesia. The device carried the name of Galaxy Smart Tag. The certification is a hint that Samsung is working on showcasing the new product soon. It could be unveiled during the Galaxy S21 series event. The event is likely to be held in January 2021.

The development comes amid reports that Apple is already working on Tile-trackers. It is called AirTag. The iPhone maker has made significant progress. However, there is no confirmation from the company when it will launch the product. The product will be available to customers in two sizes. It will use Ultra-Wide Band radio to find the missing products. According to Apple, AirTags will be waterproof. It will feature magnetic wireless charging just like Apple Watch. The new charging method seeks to make charging Apple devices absolutely effortless. The first evidence about AirTags was spotted in the builds of iOS 13.

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