China Said They Are Prepared For Every Possible Outcome After Trade Talk With US

China Said They Are Prepared For Every Possible Outcome After Trade Talk With USChina Said They Are Prepared For Every Possible Outcome After Trade Talk With US

Currently, China and the US are both under pressure because both countries officials on Friday are going to have trade talk. The trade war which was going from the last three months now might get end since both the countries delegates have decided to meet at Washington to discuss this issue. Chinese officials have already said that they are ready to face every outcome they are going to get after this trade talk. The trump administration has never been easy on Chinese companies since the start of this trade war, and that’s why it has made taxation laws so strict for Chinese companies.

Now to put a stop in all rumors Chinese commerce ministry said that they are ready to face the outcomes. Trump on Sunday mentioned his plans to take down China with more extra tariffs which now might seem an inevitable problem for China. The trump administration is already taking down Chinese companies like Huawei by an allegation of stealing trade secrets.

But from last few days, the situation between China and the USA has become more problematic since Trump is not in the mood of listening to this trade deal. China’s export sector is not performing well since the country’s primary user base comes from the united states. But because of extra tariffs, US retailers are finding it hard to sell Chinese products, and the same is happening in China with the US made products also. Now Chinese commerce ministry has made clear that they are ready to face whatever the outcome is going to come after this trade deal. Now, this would mean they don’t give that much importance to Trump’s threat of putting more taxes. It is still not clear whether Trump is going to levy taxes on Chinese imported goods or not but if he did then China might be doing the same.

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