Amazon Go Opens Its Store In New York For The First Time

Amazon Go Opens Its Store In New York For The First Time

Amazon who is a core believer of the cashless economy has now opened up Amazon Go store at Brookfield place in downtown New York. At Amazon Go, a customer can go and buy the products they want, and they won’t even need to pay the amount of money through cash, but this store would be an exception. Because it’s been reported that a customer who walks in Amazon Go store at Brookfield place can buy items with cash also. It’s still not clear why Amazon has given a window for a cash-based transaction when they are trying to achieve their target of making a cashless economy.

This Amazon Go store which company opened up in New York is spread in more than 1300 square foot area which is enough to give you a feeling of buying things offline. Now, this is the twelfth store of Amazon Go which it has opened up in the united states of America to make sure that people love it offline also. Jeff Bezos is trying to pivot company’s core business by making sure people see Amazon everywhere.

Amazon got criticism from many people who said that making cashless stores is not suitable for retailers who sell things after accepting cash. Now to increase its images, Amazon has given facility of receiving cash in this cashless store. The checkout and payment will be done by using Amazon since users will be adding goods which they want to buy on Amazon’s virtual cart. But one can pay the amount in cash to Amazon’s employee at this store. Walmart who is Amazon’s biggest rival is trying to enter into e-commerce, and so far they have also got success. Now to beat Walmart Amazon has decided to increase the number of Amazon Go stores all across the united states of America and if you are living in Brookfield, then you might want to give it a try.

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