Mozilla Is Trying To Fix A Bug Which Is Stopping Extensions From Working

Mozilla Is Trying To Fix A Bug Which Is Stopping Extensions From Working

Even if majority of the people like to Chrome as their default browsers, there are still some tech enthusiasts who prefer using Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Firefox to surf on internet, then you might be facing some problems with it because yesterday many of its users did that. While using Firefox many users yesterday couldn’t be able to install any extensions or upload any of them. Mozilla officially said the reason behind this bug is certificate expiration and they are working on it. In a blog post released by Mozilla Firefox, it’s been mentioned that they have identified the reason behind this bug and working on it solve this issue.

Many people use Firefox and those who faced this issue, took social media platform to express their opinions. The blog post further said that fix would be automatically applied in background and users don’t need to update or re-install any extensions. Mozilla has mentioned that users should not delete or re-install any extensions and they will start working as soon as company fixes issue. However, this is not the first time users have faced such type of problems because if we look back, then Firefox had created same kind of problems earlier also. The team said that fix which is getting rolled out is not going to apply to Firefox ESR or Firefox for Android.

Mozilla is using Studies system to fix this issue so if you’ve disabled it then you will have to enable it again to get a quick fix for this issue. In Mozilla’s blog post it’s been mentioned clearly what kind of steps users will have to follow to make sure they are getting a fix for this issue. If you are still facing the same problem, then you might have to contact Mozilla’s help center and get the issue fixed.

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