The US Is Forcing Chinese Company To Sale Gay Dating App Called Grindr

Gay Dating App Called Grindr

The US and Chinese government are fighting with each other on every single topic relating to business. Now according to recent reports are stating that the US government thinks Chinese companies ownership in gay dating app Grindr is a risk to national security. Chinese tech company Kunlun acquired more than 60% stake in Grindr company in 2016, and in 2018 it bought remaining ownership of the company. However, according to agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) Chinese company did not complete the procedure of acquisition; also it’s a threat to national security. Grindr is a gay dating app which is used by many people in that community.

Accordingly, people have given lots of their personal information like name contact details, HIV status, etc. Now the US government think Chinese tech company Kunlun can misuse such kind of data and they want to ban its ownership. CFIUS has raised some serious issues which according to them are necessary to resolve since it can be a matter of national security. So far no public reports haven’t come regarding what kind of security threat Chinese tech company could bring. But one thing’s sure Trump administration now has got another point to criticize Chinese companies. The US government has already criticized Huawei for the same reasons also that’s why the country has banned it also.

Government is getting concerned about how data can be misutilized by the Chinese government also that’s why it’s convincing allied nations to put a ban on tech companies like Huawei. So far Chinese tech company Kunlun hasn’t issued any official statement regarding this matter, but soon it seems like this issue might become dangerous. Trump administration is already not in favor of all big tech giant Chinese companies, and now it will be interesting to see how Kunlun is going to resolve this issue.

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