Health Care Industry Spends Approximately 30 Billion Dollars On Marketing

Health Care Industry

When it comes to the health industry, many big brands are competing with each other so that they can cure people and to do that they’re spending millions of dollars on advertising. According to a recent health study done by some researcher, it’s been found that the health industry’s marketing cost has been doubled from 1996 to 2016 and yearly it spends $36 billion merely on marketing. Marketing of health products is not a new thing because there are many big companies try to get the publicity by marketing their health services and products. Sometimes health companies will try to create a fear in peoples mind about those diseases which they don’t even have only to sell an expensive product, and that’s why health care is that much expensive. Some consumer advocates state that those advertisements which persuades people to buy costly medicines are costing much more money to the taxpayers; also many people do not realize it.

There are many health care units which run on nonprofit motto which are against such kind of health care system because they think the more expensive the advertisement, the more it will cost for a typical patient. Many experts believe that big companies offer doctors some lucrative packages like they will give free food, traveling allowances to the doctors to attend the conferences and they will eventually persuade such doctors to sell expensive medicine. Such kind of marketing is increasing in health care industry which is ultimately costing normal patients a large amount of money.  

Health experts think that big companies are getting smarter and they are now doing targeted advertising. TV commercials are one of the most famous ways of healthcare advertisement through which many brands succeed to convince people to buy their products.

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