Samsung Phone Users Are Not Able To Delete The Facebook From Their Phone

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Nowadays when it comes to using any smartphones, you will see many apps already pre-installed when you buy a smartphone for the first time. Samsung users who have purchased the model like Samsung Galaxy S8 are facing a weird issue in which they are not able to delete the Facebook app which has been pre-installed in their phone. Samsung is that company which has ruled the smartphone industry, and it is still one of the biggest smartphone making tech company in the world, but some users are complaining about this problem. Many Samsung phone users showed their frustration on some leading tech forums in which they were stating that they are not able to delete the facebook app. According to Samsung users, they are only getting “Disable” option when they want to remove the Facebook app.  

Facebook has been in a lot of data scandal controversies from last few months, and many users of this platform have now become skeptical about it. Nowadays many people who use social media platforms have become aware of their rights and security issues. In a digital world, it has now become effortless for the big companies to use their customer’s data to maximize their profit. That’s the reason why so many Samsung users are concerned about this weird bug which is not letting them delete the facebook app. Many users on social media have a filed complaint against the Samsung for making such kind of deal with Facebook which is violating users privacy.

Facebook’s spokesperson said that a user could disable the app and it will act like it’s been deleted. According to Facebook due to the old model, many users are not able to see the Delete option on their phone but they can easily disable the app, and it won’t collect any personal data of users.

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