Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Getting Divorced After 25 Year with his Wife

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is getting the divorce with his wife MacKenzie after 25 years of marriage. The news shocked the business and tech industry as this incident was highly unexpected. Jeff Bezos himself announced the news of divorce with his wife of 25 years on the internet. It might be the costliest divorce settlement case as the fortune of $137 billion is at stake. Jeff Bezos made this announcement on Twitter on a Wednesday morning. In the statement released on Twitter, Bezos explained the Reasons behind the divorce between him and his wife.

He said that he wants to let others know about the development in his life. After the counseling sessions, love exploration, and the trial separations, the couple decided to part ways. He also said that they would remain as friends for life after their divorce.  Once the divorce goes through all the procedures, it might be one of the costliest settlements after the divorce. As the Bezos is the owner of $137 Billion fortune, he might have to divide the wealth in half with his wife. Even if they don’t split it equally, it still might be the costliest settlement. As there is no information on whether this couple had a prenuptial agreement, it is one the investors and people to assume about everything.

As the MacKenzie, the might acquire half of the  $137 Billion fortune and the shares to all of the companies that Jeff Bezos own. Even though the stake is high, there is no chance that MacKenzie might control the Amazon or any other company at any position. Fortunately, the Divorce laws in the United States are focused on the personal fortune and nothing else. As per the experts, this decision from Bezos will not affect the company performance in the market.

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