CEO Of Ted Baker Left The Company After Receiving Allegations Of Forced Hugging

Ted Baker

In the corporate world, there are many cases of harassments so far have recorded and sometimes top executives have to bear lots of losses if allegations made on them found to be true. According to recent reports, Ray Kelvin who is the CEO of England’s top clothing company Ted Baker has been removed as Chief Executive Officer of the company. According to the company’s statement, Ray has left the company because of harassment allegations made on him by the company’s staff members. In December many employees of Ted Baker signed a petition online and said that the company needs a better working environment and accused Ray of giving a forced hug to employees.

Many employees in that petition said that they don’t like this tradition of hugging in the company and some even claimed they had been touched by Ray inappropriately. On the other hand, ray has denied all of these accusations on him by employees also there is a third party who is doing the investigation on this matter. Executive Chairman of Ted Baker said that it’s in the best interest of the company that Ray has decided to leave it because of a serious allegation made on him. If we look at history, then Ray founded this company in 1988 when he opened a single store in the UK’s city of Glasgow.

However, things started to change for Ray when suddenly many former staff members came in public and signed an online petition in which they accused him that he used to talk about his sex life with employees. Some of these employees said that Ray used to do this quite often and even HR team couldn’t help them to solve this issue. Nowadays many big corporations have become serious about working environment and related norms to protect employees from inappropriate treatment. Ted Baker’s shares fell by two percent on Monday because of this news which shows that investors of clothing company are also worried about this issue.

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