T-Mobile Security Breach Has Affected Around 2 Million People

T-Mobile Security Breach

T-Mobile might be busy in its way of setting up 5G Services and dealing the Sprint merger, but something big has come across. The latest reports hint at a possible security breach in the T-Mobile servers. The company has warned around 2 million customers that their data might have been exposed to the attackers. The hack has apparently happened on Monday, and the security team behind T-Mobile was able to control the overall intensity of the security breach. Due to this, the financial data of the users were not compromised, which is seen as a great achievement. However, some data has surely been exposed.

Just because financial transaction data hasn’t been exposed does not mean that T-Mobile customers can be free from all the tension. In fact, the attackers have apparently stolen data such as billing address, type of connections, phone numbers, account numbers, etc. In fact, the attackers have an option to contact affected customers and set up scams. Because of these, all the affected customers are being notified by T-Mobile. The people who have not been notified so far will be prompted soon by the carrier. It should be noted that, when compared to the huge customer-base of 77 Million, 2 million customers translate into 3% only.

That having said, T-Mobile cannot keep a passive approach towards this issue. Considering that customers are demanding the highest-possible security and privacy for their information, even the possibility of such an expansive attack is disappointing. This is not the first time T-Mobile has been caught with some serious bugs that reveal data. Some months back, a bug in the T-Mobile website was allowing almost everyone to find personal details of a user by entering just the mobile number. Of course, this will have impact on how confident people are when sharing details with one of the biggest telecom service providers in the US.

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