Walmart Decided To Donate $100 Million For Racial Equality


The current political and social environment happening in the country because of the murder of George Floyd is outrageous, and now any big businesses are coming to the support. Walmart and the foundation recently decided to donate more than $100 million for racial diversity. CEO Doug McMillan recently met Walmart employees through a video conferencing call, in which he revealed the company is pledging to donate $100 million for racial equality. Walmart had promised to start a new centre on racial equality, and they will continue funding for the same cause in upcoming years also. Walmart is famous for doing retail business in the USA for more than 50 years, the way they have benefited from the country’s various regions.

Even though this company provides the most employment, it is a significant factor, and people admire it. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the violent protest which is damaging the company’s retail stores. There are many incidents where it’s been seen protesters looting Walmart stores. Now all of these damages are impacting negatively on the way Walmart usually operates, and top management now wants to make some changes. They decided to donate $100 million over the next five years by opening a new centre for race equality.

Doug said the ongoing protest of the killing of George Floyd is something which they didn’t experience, and everything is quite tragic, painful. McMillan said the company is going to offer racial equality by giving more jobs to African-American people, and the CEO mentions giving priority to them in the first place. They want to provide this community more jobs, secure life which they don’t get during the current times. This new step of Walmart to build racial equality is going to change the working system in the retail giant company.

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