Coronavirus Pandemic Is Leaving Its Bad Impact On Mental Health Worldwide

Coronavirus Effect

There are thousands of people suffering from the deadly virus, which has killed thousands of people. The number of people who tested positive are increasing every day, but those who stayed home and protected from this deadly virus are facing other types of problems. Everyone is staying home or not meeting people, which they used to while at school, college, work, etc. This whole thing is creating a huge problem mentally for people, especially teenagers. According to the CDC, young adults have the most mental illnesses reported in the last few days. The CDC report shows that one-third of the people think they are going through anxiety or depression during the pandemic.

Nationally one-third of Americans said they are going through depression or anxiety issues, which is now becoming a big problem for people who are staying home. As compared to last year’s data, only 11 percent reported having gone through such a mental health condition. The lockdown has made a negative impact on the health of ordinary citizens. All kinds of fear, like the fear of a falling economy, restrictions on meeting people, separation from loved ones is creating a mental problem for everyone. More than 260000 people have been asked about their feelings and their impact on their health because of lockdown.

Answers to these questions show the symptoms of depression or anxiety, which needs special care from professional therapists. The CDC data shows that women, small children, and uneducated people are suffering the most mentally because of this pandemic situation. Shockingly nearly 48% aged between 18-29 are feeling this feeling, which is a worrying thing. Experts advise people to take care of their mental health by exercising and meeting people who are near them by following the social distancing rules.

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