New iPhone Software Update Is Telling People Which Apps Are Harvesting Their Data

When it comes to privacy, Apple is that tech company which focuses more on it for its users. The tech giant company has made some improvements in iOS 13. Now the iPhone’s latest software would tell users which apps are harvesting their data. The report shows that users are getting notifications on their iPhone, which is showing that Facebook would like to use the Bluetooth for data harvesting. This new feature is ultimately bringing lots of things for users since now they can see and monitor which apps on their iPhone are taking their data.

The iOS update is scheduled to launch next week, which is focused on users privacy and related things. The tech giant companies Google and Facebook, which are nothing but large advertisement corporations are on the radar of Tim Cook. Tim earlier said that the business models which these companies are following are complex and effects on users data and privacy. Some users might know this more before that apps like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram gets users data from their smartphones. However, this new update will put more lights on it. Now users can see a notification popping up on their iPhone when apps like Facebook, Youtube try to get the data.

This new feature is ultimately going to make things far dangerous for Facebook since the tech giant company is already getting backlashes for poor data privacy issues. iPhone allows users to turn off the location services for specific apps like GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Now, this new update will give a more precise picture of which apps are having access to location services. Even though this new feature blocks apps like Facebook to gain the data of yours, there are still some ways through which it can be done. Now how Facebooks is going to react to this update will be interesting to see.

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