Apple, Disney Are Following Anti-Netflix Principle


When it comes to the new tech industry, usually big companies don’t wait for that much, and they enter into it. Movie streaming is that sector which is filled up with tons of new startups, but very few succeed at it. Netflix brought the revolution of movie streaming by making a platform for watching movies online. Now the same thing will be done by Apple and Disney with their own movie streaming platform. AppleTV+, which is going to be launched at a mere $4.99, shows how much Apple is trying to dominate this new industry.

Disney, on the other hand, launched its service for $6.99, which is quite cheaper than Netflix’s original subscription. However, now experts from the tech industry are saying that this model of beating Netflix followed by Disney and Apple is not suitable for the long term. Netflix spends most of its income on acquiring content and other intellectual property rights which gives the platform a sustainable running.

However, now, Apple and Disney want to exploit it by offering the same sort of service at a lower price. Netflix recently hiked the rates of subscription in the US and other markets. Now Apple and Disney are trying to make the disadvantages of Netflix into the advantages. The pricing war might be right for customs since they are getting a movie streaming service at low prices. People usually don’t think about what type of service they are getting until they are getting the required content. Netflix is putting a tremendous amount of money in creating Original shows because it’s shooting lots of money to get licensed content. Disney is going to have no problem with content since the company has a vast amount of contents with it. The same goes for Apple, which is going to focus more on producing original TV shows and movies.

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