Youtube Kids Is Using Second Grade Math Questions For Allowing Access To 12-Year-Olds


When it comes to parental control on Youtube, the platform is not good at it. Millions of people use Youtube for watching online videos, but many parents have a complaint about this platform. They think YouTube is showing inappropriate content to the small kids, and it might impact them severely. Now to curb that problem, the company has come up with YouTube kids, which are a specific and single platform for small children. Youtube kids can be used on PC directly, and there’s an app for it also on playstore.

After installation, parents are required to set up the app for their children and set up any criteria for watching content. Youtube kids are divided into three categories based on kids age like below four years, 5-7 or 8-12 years old. One of the ridiculous things which this app does is to ask math questions for determining the age of a user. Instead of using the password, they chose to stick with asking mathematical questions to determine whether kids can watch the content on YouTube or not.

The questions which are asked on Youtube kids for solving the age problem are ridiculous because they are using second-grade multiplication problems. A single-digit multiplication problem is not that much hard. When a question like what’s 5*3 is asked to a 12-year-old kid, they can quickly solve without taking anyone’s help. People now are trolling and making fun of using mathematical questions instead of password on Youtube kids, which looks legit. Youtube tried to develop this new platform based on “younger” designation, but something has gone wrong with it. Parents who are trying to let kids use it so that their kids won’t watch inappropriate content might have to find another substitute.

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