Report Shows Facebook Was Worried About Cambridge Analytica Before 2016 Election


Facebook is that social media giant company which had been in a rumor for Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Cambridge Analytica, which is a UK based political research firm, helped Trump to win the 2016 elections by using Facebook users data. This data scandal brought so many questions on how Facebook handles data privacy issues. Now recent reports which are coming shows that Facebook might have known about this data scandal before 2016 elections. The court filing of Cambridge Analytica firm shows there were two ways through the company got data of so many Facebook users. One was they allegedly scrapped the targeted audience data through an app “thisismydigitallife,” which was a personality predictor app.

The second way through which they got the data is from a Facebook app developer who the data to the company. Facebook was found to be in the knowledge that one of the app developers has sold data to Cambridge Analytica in late 2015. At that time Cambridge Analytica was campaigning for Ted Cruz. However, soon in 2016, the UK based company used more than 80 million Facebook users mdata for promoting Trump’s election campaigns. There is no clear evidence about whether executives at Facebook knew about data getting sold before the election. But, these recent documents show top executives were informed about such type of activities.

In 2016 elections Trump promoted the conservatives based agenda and supported his election campaign based on it. Cambridge Analytica UK based firm played a significant role in it because they helped them what youth of the US are looking from a president. Trump successfully defeated Hillary Clinton and became the president of the United States of America. However, later when the data scandal came into the public, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called out for testifying. He said the tech giant company had no knowledge of Cambridge Analytica using data in 2016 elections.

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