Some Missing Pieces of World Oldest Analog Computer Has Been Found

Oldest Analog Computer

It is believed by many scientists that Antikythera mechanism is the world’s oldest analog computer and recently some pieces of this oldest analog computer have been found by some researchers at Aegean sea, Greece. This is not the first time where the researchers have found some evidence regarding Antikythera mechanism because as per the records in early 2017 some pieces of this analog computer were found at the same place. The Antikythera mechanism is a device which was used to predict the critical astrological events in the future and according to some scientist this device was supposed to be developed in the late 2nd century BC in Greece.

On the basis of this device, it has been assume that from the longtime Greeks were already aware of the existence of the heliocentric system according to which the earth revolves around the sun and things like amazes us because it indicates that the scientific discovery which is doing has already done by the ancient people in their time. The Antikythera mechanism is not only world’s oldest analog computer but it is also known as orrery which is nothing but a mechanical model design to predict the solar system, and ancient people used it to movements of the planets.

After researching and studying this ancient device, many scientists concluded that this was used to predict the movement of the sun, moon correctly and it was also used by ancient mathematicians to solve the mathematical problems. Many scientists love this device because according to them it is one of the first and best invention made by our human mind which is still accurate in many ways. We hope such kind of devices help of our scientist to create a more great scientific discovery which can be used to help humans.

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