The Experiment of Transferring Kidney from One Place To Another Through Drone Done Successfully

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If there’s one thing which scientist love to do, then it’s the use of their knowledge and science to help humans. It seems like some researchers are trying to do that type of thing because recently two researchers have been attempting to transfer the kidney from one place to another with the help of drone technology. According to the report, two researchers successfully experimented with flying an organ in a refrigerated box attached to the drone. According to the researchers they wanted to solve the problem of late or failure of human organs delivery which is causing many issues among those patients who need such kind of organs in emergency situations.

The team of two researchers decided to take a healthy kidney for the experiment, and they used a refrigerator box to transfer organ with a drone, and according to them, the delivery of the kidney was done at a speed of more than 67 km/h which is quite outstanding. In standard vehicle when it comes to transferring organs like kidney it usually takes more than hours to get to the destination safely. As per the two researchers, the drone technology can be used to transfer many other organs like liver, heart etc. which are quite fatal and needs to move to the primary location in right time otherwise they won’t be of any use.

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Every year due to the unavailability of the necessary organs like kidney, liver, and heart many patients due and most of the times this happen because of the late of delivery of these human organs. According to the many doctors, drone technology can be useful to transfer vital human body parts, but one thing which is not normal is not everyone is licensed by the government to use it, and soon the government will have to make some changes in these rules.

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