Apollo Astronauts Brought Earth Rock from the Lunar Surface

Apollo missions were most successful in the history of NASA as they landed humans on Lunar surface and brought them back on earth. The missions were also historic as the astronauts brought the samples from the lunar surface back on earth for further analysis. After years of this mission, scientists have found the chemical composition of the sample rocks from the Lunar surface similar to the rocks on earth. Some are accepting the possibility of the rocks are from the earth.

The Moon was not already rotating the earth. But when the giant asteroid hit the earth, a big chunk separated and then it became the moon. That’s why scientists think there is a high possibility that the rock is indeed from the planet earth. In the ancient times, while the moon was taking its shape orbiting the earth, debris from the asteroid collision settled on the planet and astronaut brought the same debris back to the original place. The third mission of Apollo, which is numbered as 14 was the mission with eight humans landed on the moon and collected a massive sample of rocks and dust from the moon.  

Apollo 14 began it’s a journey in February of 1971 and brought the samples. Amongst all the examples, the particular piece of rock was not analyzed even after thirty years. The recent discovery uncovered the possible origin of the rock, and there are many yet to be examined by the team of scientists. According to the scientists, the age of that particular rock sample is anywhere between 4 to 4.5 billion years from now, and there is no chance of moon orbiting the earth at that time.  So, it is evident that the rock is from the planet which went on the moon with the debris after the collision of the asteroid.

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