Tesla Has Decided To Pay Their Debt In Half Cash, Half Stock Ratio


Tesla Inc. which is famous for making electric vehicles have recently announced to pay back the debts of their creditors in fifty-fifty ratio of cash and stock. Tesla Inc. which was founded in 2008 and now managed by the infamous entrepreneur Elon Musk had to borrow tons of amounts of money from the creditors to stay in business. According to the company’s past financial reports, this startup was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it was the investor’s funds and Elon Musk’s great efforts which kept this company in business. But now since the company has been making some profits from the last few quarters, they have now officially decided to pay back the debt in half cash, half stock ratio.

Running a business and that too a tech company might seem exciting, but in reality, it’s tough because many tech startups borrow a huge amount of debt to survive. Tesla in their initial phase had to face such kind of situations because according to Elon Musk’s without creditors funds they wouldn’t have got the success. In the last quarter, the performance of the company improved a lot due to which the liquidity position of the company has improved. Tesla has more than 10 billion dollars of long-term debt, but by the end of next quarter, the company has decided to pay a sum of $940 million in the mix ratio of cash and stock.

Tesla Inc. after facing lots of odds got the success with their famous electric car Tesla model 3 which made lots of money for the company. Overall the company’s production of the electric vehicle is at its peak also the company is getting a good response from the global market too. Elon Musk while discussing on this matter said that “The company plans to pay their current debt and not refinance it.” While as of now this might be good news for the company but we will have to wait and see how the company is going to keep this success in future also.

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