Uber Filed For Secret IPO To Beat Lyft In The Race of Next Year’s IPO

Uber Filed For Secret IPO To Beat Lyft In The Race of Next Year’s IPO

When it comes to running a startup, it’s not easy for those companies to raise funds after some rounds of investments and that’s the reason they opt for IPO. It seems like Uber which is one of the most prominent startups in the silicon valley will go public in the next year. According to a report it’s been found that Uber wants to go public before Lyft to beat them regarding market valuation. Uber has not confirmed anything this decision, but many experts believe that the company has already secretly filed for the next year’s IPO. Many investors already consider Uber as a unicorn startup, and that’s the reason so far they have received large amounts of investments.

Uber has already told in the recent press conference that if the company goes public, then they’re expecting a market valuation of more than 120 billion dollars. On the other hand Uber’s rival, Lyft has been in planning to go for the public in the next year also, but it seems like Uber is trying to steal the thunder of Lyft. According to the business analysts if the Lyft decides to go public, then the market valuation of it will be 30 billion dollars which are quite low as compared to Uber’s valuation. Uber has been going through some small losses from last few years continuously and to raise further capital they have now decided to go public and that too with their biggest rival.

However, in next year many big tech startups like Airbnb, Slack are will also file for the IPO but still, many experts think Uber’s going to get more valuation than any other companies. But, it will be interesting to see how the investors are going to value the company by considering its prospect.

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