Apple Has Decided To Put A Ban On Those Apps Which Uses Tricks To Get The Subscribers

Apple Has Decided To Put A Ban On Those Apps Which Uses Tricks To Get The Subscribers

Sometimes a person who gets attracted to a particular app will not look clearly how much price he is paying for it and will buy that application without any hesitant. Well, such application uses a trick like not showing the real cost of the subscription and getting the subscribers by giving them temporary benefits like free trials etc. However, Apple has decided to put a ban on those apps which are following wicked ways to increase their subscription count, and it seems like now it will be hard for those app developers whose business depends upon tricking customers. Apple has improved its norms and regulations for the App store, and every app developer will have to show the prices of the subscription plan in a big font which will be clearly visible to all the uses.

Sometimes app developers don’t show the full price of the membership or subscription, for example, they will show you that you will have to pay a sum of money per month for a whole year if you want membership of specific service. However, Apple has put a ban on those developers practice, and now everyone will have to show the full subscription fee of the whole year and not divide it into the months to make it look cheap and get the customers.

According to a news media house, they found some apps which do not disclose the real price of their subscription plan and tricks the users to get it. However, it seems like now all of such app developer will have to find another source of income since Apple now has made the rules more strict. Subscription based apps play the critical role for Apple since most of its revenue comes from such type of apps and yet the company has widened its rules.

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