Google Photos To Limit Free Storage Space To 15 GB From June 1 For Non-Pixel Users


Tech giant Google has announced to cap the storage limit for Google Photos. The company has decided to offer limited space for free for storing high-quality photos and videos. Google Photos currently offers unlimited free storage. However, the limitation will be capped at 15 GB. A user can now store high-quality photos and videos not exceeding 15 GB. The decision regarding limiting the free storage space will come into effect from June 1. This limit will apply to users worldwide. Google Photos is a popular store service by Google. Google. It was launched in 2015. Google separated it from Google+. Google+ was a social network owned and operated by the search engine giant. It was launched in 2011 and discontinued in 2019.

Google Photos allowed users to store unlimited photos and videos. Users managed to store files up to 16 megapixels and 1080 pixels resolution. It is now available on all Android handsets. Google Photos’ algorithm automatically organizes the files and makes sharing easier. The restriction on space for storage will not apply to users who own a Pixel handset. Those who have Pixel 2 or later handsets will be able to enjoy unlimited free space. For non-Pixel users, Google Photos’ services beyond the free limit will be available after paying a subscription fee. Users will have to get a Google One subscription monthly. The subscription will start at USS 1.99 per month. Users will get 100 GB of space to store files.

Google had in November last year announced that it will discontinue the offer of unlimited free storage on Google Photos. The company said that photos and videos stored in Google Photos before June 1 will not be included in the 15 GB limit. This means that files will be considered free and will not invite the new rules. Files stored after June 1 in Google Photos will only be included in the new storage limit. Google said that it will soon notify the users directly about the new policy. It will send notifications and also send emails. Meanwhile, Google Photos has started rolling out Sharpen and Denoise tools. The new editing tools are available for Android users.

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