Apple CEO-Tim Cook Emails Employees And Encourages Them To Donate To The Relief Efforts in Ukraine

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The Apple Company Chief Executive Officer-Tim Cook has sent an email to employees addressing the Ukraine-Russia war. Inside the message body of an email, Tim Cook describes the steps taken by Apple Company in response to events of the last two weeks. Cook states that Apple Corporation is matching donations made by employees at a 2:1 rate retroactively for those made since February 25.

As per the CEO of Apple, the Cupertino-based firm has suspended sales of its products in Russia and also taken down Sputnik News and RT News from the App Store.

The complete copy of an email that CEO Tim Cook sends to Apple employees is as below:-

I want to take a moment to discuss the current crisis in Ukraine country. I am sure I represent all of us at Apple in expressing our deep concern for everyone who has suffered from the violence. We see how vital it is for people all around the globe to work together to advance the cause of peace with each fresh image of families leaving their homes and heroic citizens fighting for their lives.

Apple is giving to humanitarian relief efforts and assisting with the refugee catastrophe. We are also collaborating with partners to see what more we can do. I am sure many of you want to discover ways to help the Ukrainian people, and we would like to help you maximize the impact of your contributions. Starting from today, the Apple organization matches your assistance at a 2:1 rate for qualified organizations.

Today is the first day that Apple can now match contributions at a ratio of 2:1 for eligible organizations and will be able to do this retroactively for the donations of these organizations since February 25.

We are working hard to help and support our team members in Ukraine and the region. In Ukraine country, we are in contact with each employee. Also, we help our employee and their families in all possible ways that we can.

As a business, we are taking additional steps as well. We have stopped the sales of our products in Russia. Last week, we stopped all exports to the sales channel within Russia. The Apple Pay and other optional services are restricted.

Sputnik News and RT News are no longer available to download through the App Store outside of Russia. We have also removed both live and traffic events in Apple Maps in Ukraine to ensure safety and security for Ukrainian citizens.

We intend to continue to assess the situation, and we are in contact with related government officials about the actions we are taking.

This moment is a call for unity; it requires courage and reminds us not to overlook common humanity. In these challenging times, I feel secure knowing that we are united in our dedication to one another, our customers, and becoming a positive force around the globe.

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