Alphabet Decided to Stop Making Glucose Measuring Contact Lens

Alphabet Decided to Stop Making Glucose Measuring Contact Lens

Verily which is a research company owned by Alphabet has decided to stop working on smart lenses which were going to calculate the blood sugar levels in tears. Alphabet started this ambitious project in 2018, and according to them if this project could’ve worked successfully then, it would’ve brought a ray hope for those patients who have diabetes. Because as of now there are o smart lenses in the market which can measure a person blood sugar level and that’s why many diabetic patients still have to pierce the skin to know the level of blood sugar in their body.

The company said that they were failing to measure the correlation between the tear glucose and blood sugar which were necessary to build the device. Verily was partnered with Alcon, Novartis’ eye-care division to make the smart lens but from long time they did not get any major success in their experiments, and that’s why decided to shut their whole project so that could move to work on important health projects. In this ambitious health project alphabet spent a substantial portion of money and time, and now they’re going to invest what’s remained at somewhere else.

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There are lots of tech companies which are trying to work on health projects like making a smart lens which can benefit all of the diabetic patients who suffer the pain of that disease every day. As of now, many companies have spent billions of dollars to achieve success in this field, but very few of them have succeeded at it. According to health departments data, there are more than 100 millions of people who are living in the United States, and if any company succeeds in making a smart lens which could help these patients, then it would be a great victory for them.

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