Genetics Technology Could Give Birth to More Fresh Food, and Crops

Genetics Technology

The world today is much more into instant food habit that is made synthetically with loads of artificial inputs, and no doubt it might be the source of many unwanted health problems among people. The food industry has encountered pressure from retailers regarding customer awareness, due to the rise in foods that are being genetically modified. A multinational agricultural company, Idaho based has procured the licensing rights of gene editing, which someday could be used for helping farmers in producing more crops and ultimately make grocery store proposals like; potatoes, strawberries, and avocados to stay fresh for a longer period.

On Monday the J.R. Simplot Company declared the deal with the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and DowDuPont Inc., and also Harvard University, the nascent gene editing technology developers. Simplot is the first among the agricultural company in receiving such a license. The chief business officer of the Board Institute; Issi Rozen stated that they think this is the transformative technology and they’re delighted about Simplot to be the first one to receive the licensing.

However, there’s no proof about the organisms that are genetically modified, called the GMOs that aren’t safe to eat but by changing the foods’ genetic code can present an ethical issue for some. The food industry also encountered pressure from retailers for genetically modified food awareness. The chief technology officer at the Corteva Agriscience; Neal Gutterson stated that the problems are about to get the right kind of food produced in the right manner. It’s significant to be able to manufacture adequate food for the existing 9-10 billion people those are going to reside on the planet for 30 long years. The gene editing technology is known as the CRISPR-Case9 and is the first part in an acronym. The CRISPR technology is extremely new and so the US “Department of Agriculture’ that regulates the production of food, published a statement notifying about the oversight of foods that are produced with the gen editing tech.

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