Instagram Added New Features Which Will Help users to Shop Quickly

Instagram New Features to Shop Quickly

We all use Instagram in our daily life, and one of the best things which we see while surfing through this fantastic app is some great products or services which are offered by the page owner. If you’re a person who loves to shop online, then there’s good news for you because Instagram has recently launched a new feature to their app which will allow a user to save products from the post which they want to buy later. So now if you stumbled upon a great product on the Instagram story, then you will be able to add them on your virtual cart by clicking on “save” tab. Along with this feature a user now will be able to shop from the videos which they see on Instagram as well so if you see some interesting video along with the list of products attached with it then don’t get shocked.

One of the main things about these new features of Instagram is that it indicates how the e-commerce platform is changing and how online shopping is going to change in a few years. Because nowadays we only see a specific type of people selling their products under brand from the Instagram, but now with this feature, anyone will be able to grab the opportunity to sell their quality products to their fans or audience. While speaking regarding this new update, the product manager of Instagram said that they added this new feature after they have studied Instagram users tendency towards online shopping and she further noted that this new feature would also help some new brands to sell their products quickly.

Right now there are some features which are is still in the beta mode and as of now only selected brands will be able to use those features. But with this release of new feature a user will soon get a far more significant experience of shopping from one of the largest social media platforms. Instagram has been used mostly by the teenagers and young people, and now the companies will be able to their sell their products easily by targeting their right customers. However, it will be interesting to see how users are going to react to this new feature update made by Instagram.

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