One Out Of Eight Denver Residents Are Clinically Depressed

Denver Grafitti Depression

Mental illness is becoming a big problem for the United States because the issues like depression and anxiety are increasing every year. However, the recent study done by the Denver public health centre shows that more than 1 out of 8 Denver residents are clinically depressed. This study shows that many people in this city are going through depression and most of them are not getting any right treatment for their mental illness. This study has been done by the Denver Health group who did a survey, and according to them, these problems are common among residents.

In this health study, it’s been found that more than 3 out of 10 students at Denver public school feel depressed and continuous sadness in them. Also one out of four pregnant women who had a medical appointment at Denver health centre found to be sad. According to health experts, they haven’t seen any particular reason behind that much sadness among these people. But they think this might be a genetic effect, or there could be any other reason behind this problem — the most shocking thing which this group of researcher found that more than 70 percent of these depressed residents is not taking any medical help. After looking at this health study, the local government have decided to collect a new tax which will help to raise more than 45 million dollars for mental health services.

The Denver health medical centre is trying to improve the mental health of the city and to do that they have appointed some new psychologists who are currently helping those people who are going through severe depression. According to the psychologists, they ask such type of questions to the patients which allow patients to get out of the grief and sadness. In Denver, mental health care is now getting very much importance, and there are many programmes which local government is trying to implement to remove the sadness out of this town.

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