Faceapp An AI Photo Editor App Has Again Gone Viral, Some Are Raising Questions Over Library Access

Faceapp An AI Photo Editor App Has Again Gone Viral, Some Are Raising Questions Over Library Access

There are tons of AI photo editor apps in the market, which lets you have fun by making you look older. FaceApp, which is an AI photo editor app, has recently gone viral because many people are seen to be downloading it for its new features. The App is officially launched two years ago by the Russian developers but since that its popularity got slowed down. However, developers team of Faceapp came again with a new update which lets the user see the younger or older version of their photo.

However, even if people are enjoying seeing how they are going to look after fifty or sixty years. There are some serious questions which raise doubts on Faceapp’s security or access. One twitter user shared the screenshot in which she asked how faceup can access the photos in her mobile’s gallery when she had disabled the access for the same. Some tech enthusiasts researched Faceapp’s library access. In Apple, it allows developers to let the user pick any one photo from the gallery after installing App for the first time.

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Now this feature of allowing only a single photo might be cool since it doesn’t give access to the whole library of users. Still, another question remains is how a particular picture is even selected by the App when it has no access to the photo gallery. Apple made sure that to make it possible for developers, they would give access to only one picture of users gallery to the developer. Some experts think Apple should change this policy because it’s violating rules of privacy. The photos which are selected by App for processing are uploaded on the cloud, i.e. on third party server. There’s no clarification on whether Faceapp shares them with others or not. Even if there is a trend going on about Faceapp, some users are asking legitimate questions about privacy issues.

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