Many Celebrities Are Using Popsugar’s Twinning App

Popsugar Twinning App

Everyone likes to compare themselves to celebrities. Well, if you’re new to the internet or don’t what’s trending from last few days, then you will be amazed to know about PopSugar’s twinning app. The famous magazines Popsugar a few months ago launched a website Twinning through which anyone can find their celebrity doppelganger, and now recently many celebrities have started the trend again. Some stars are sharing the photos of their doppelganger through social media accounts, and now people are posting tons of selfies to see with which celebrities their face matches. Even though not everyone looks like a celebrity, it’s fun to use such type of app. Some people’s selfies have become a meme material where people are getting a good laugh, but few really look like celebrities.

The twinning app is easy to use and operate because what a person needs to do is to upload a selfie; then the app will automatically detect your celebrity doppelganger within a few seconds. You will be surprised to see what you look alike because many people who considered themselves as average one might be the next Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence. The app does not match your face with only actors or actress it will try to analyze your face patterns and will find any celebrity which might include a renowned author, politician, singer, etc. Sometimes people underestimated about themselves and considered that they are ugly, but after using this app, you will realize you’re no less than a celebrity.

If you’re feeling bored or want to pass some time, then you can use the twinning app and find your celebrity doppelganger. If you are matched with someone famous, then post that selfies on Twitter which might make you also famous.

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