Many People Like Popsugar’s Twinning App And Its Recent Controversy – Here’s Why

Popsugar’s Twinning App

There are many apps in the market which will help you to find your celebrity look alike, but popsugar’s twinning app beats every other apps when it comes to finding your celebrity doppelganger. I’ve seen many people who are obsessed with their celebrities because some people like to copy the style of their favorite actor, actress and with the help of twinning app you can easily find out your celebrity look-alike also. However, one big question arises, and that’s why so many people are obsessed with twinning app?. Well, there are many reasons why someone will like this app; also most of them will be subjective because such type of apps is used by those people who want to imitate others especially celebrities. However, I’ve tried my best to find out the real reasons behind why this app so much popular. So here are some of the top 3 reasons why popsugar twinning app is gaining so much popularity.

1. Unique Features Popsugar twinning App

There are many apps in the market which will help you to find your celebrity doppelganger, but none of them will impress you. The twinning app is uniquely designed which will make its first impression on its users instantly, and that’s the reason why so many people get attached to this app quickly. Sometimes developers of the app make simple things complicated, but that’s not happened with this app because the developers behind the twinning app have correctly used the technology so that anyone can easily use it to find their celebrity doppelganger.

2. Simple to Use

The app’s UI determines the popularity of any app and twinning app has an excellent user interface. The developers of this app have made the process simple and if you want to find your celebrity look alike then what you need to do is just to upload your selfie and this application will show you your celebrity doppelganger.

3. Weak Competition

There are many apps in the celebrity look-alike market but very few of these apps get regular updates and new features from its developers also that’s where the twinning app beats all other applications. Because the team behind this app is so much dedicated that you will regularly receive the updates for it.

Recent Controversy Relating To Popsugar Twinning App

However, there were some controversies regarding the usability of this app because a few days ago it was found that due to a bug twinning app leaked thousands of peoples photos without their consent. The report states that there were some technical issues in the app due to which it was leaking its user’s pictures to any random person and because of this incident it has faced lots of criticism from its users. The popularity of this app since that incident has also slowed down.

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