TikTok Launches Q&A Feature To Make It Easier For Creators To Respond And Connect With Viewers


TikTok has launched a new feature to ease the way creators connect with their viewers or fans. The company said that it is introducing a new question and answer feature in the comments section. It will give creators and viewers new ways to connect with each other. TikTok is a Chinese short-video-making platform. It is hugely popular among youngsters. It offers creative tools to create funny and interesting videos. It said that the feature is essentially linked to the comments section. It will let users designate their comments as Q&A questions in videos. The comments will be labeled as questions. This will make it easy for creators to identify viewers’ questions and reply quickly.

Creators can respond in writing or can upload a video response. They can even add stickers in responses. The Q&A feature is available on both live videos and pre-recorded videos. TikTok said that questions and answers form a big part of conversations on the platform between the creators and viewers. Viewers ask questions on the platform to learn more about a creator. This helps them in understanding the platform’s functioning and takes a deep dive into content. The company said that a Q&A profile link will be made available to the profile bios of creators. The link will lead to a separate Q&A page. The page will show all questions and answers.

TikTok said that the page will allow users to easily browse earlier questions and answers. They can also submit new questions using the page directly. In live videos, the feature will give creators the ability to quickly identify Q&A questions in chats. This will help creators to respond more promptly. TikTok said that the video Q&A feature is available with only Creator Accounts. TikTok has gained immense popularity worldwide. It became the highest-grossing app worldwide in 2020. The company reported USD 540 million in profit. The platform is forecasted to cross the 1 billion active users mark this year.

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