Instagram Re-Launches Android Version Of Lite App In More Than 170 Countries


Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has rolled out the Lite app once again. The app is now available for download in 170 nations. The Facebook-owned platform seeks to expand its user pool with the launch of the Lite app. The Lite app will mainly benefit those living in rural and remote areas. The company said that its Lite app will provide a high-quality experience to users while consuming lesser data. The Lite app is, however, only available for Android users. There is no Instagram Lite app available for iOS users. The company said that it has no plans to develop the iOS version of the Lite app soon. Facebook in a statement said that people in more than 170 countries can download Instagram Lite by visiting the Play Store.

The statement added that the app will work perfectly irrespective of how the network is available on a device. The global rollout of the app will begin soon. The Lite app takes just 2MP space. It takes few seconds to complete the download. The full-size version of Instagram takes much more space. It is almost 30MB in size. According to the company’s claim, the Lite app has all the key features that are available on the full version. The Lite app is specially designed for entry-level smartphones and areas where internet connectivity is not robust. Instagram said that it has added support for Reels in the Lire version. Reels is Instagram’s short video feature.

Facebook has removed much of the data-rich animation from the Lite app. This has been done to keep the app’s performance reliable. The company has, however, kept features that can deliver joy to users and consume lesser data. The Android version of the Instagram Lite app was originally launched in 2018. But it was taken down from the Play Store last year. Facebook has now relaunched the app for users with slow internet connections and devices with less space. Instagram wants to target the emerging market in the world with the launch of the Lite app. Instagram is the sixth-largest social media network company in the world.

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