The Flue Cases Are On The Rise In West Virginia

The flu season has begun in the USA, and that’s the reason many important states are seeing an increase in the number of Flu cases, but it seems like the situation in West Virginia is worst as compared to other states. According to the recent report released by West Virginia’s health official which states that the flu cases are on the rise which is a concerning thing. Because according to the state’s health officials the number of patients with flu is increasing every week and they have now warned every public hospital across the state. From last few days, the USA is facing the flu season because not only in West Virginia but in the entire country the number of flu cases is rising. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already warned the country’s health officials about the upcoming flu season, but the situation in West virginia seems to be uncontrollable.

State’s health report states that In November 2018 the number of positive flu tests was 15-20 per week. However, in December the numbers are about 120 per week which is concerning the health department. Many experts predict that the extreme cold weather is the main reason why so many people are getting flu. Now the health department of West Virginia is urging the citizens to get check up and get proper medications to prevent getting flu. The flu season has been negatively affecting the on the health of small children, and it’s advised to get the immunized before it gets too late.

The CDC has already warned about the tough flu season, and that’s why health officials are already urging peoples to follow all the necessary steps to prevent themselves from getting flu. The State government is promoting the ways through which one can protect in this flu seasons also people will have to follow such guidelines to stay healthy

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