Walgreens And Microsoft Have Come Together To Provide Digital Healthcare Services

Digital Healthcare Services

In businesses, the one thing which every company tries to do is to get ahead of its competitors, and it seems like Microsoft is doing the same thing. According to the recent report the drugstore chain Walgreens and Microsoft have entered into seven-year agreement to develop and deliver digital healthcare services. According to this new deal, both companies will try their best to connect people virtually with Walgreens drugstore to provide the necessary health care services. There are many companies which are trying to build a platform where they will give health care assistance, and now Walgreens has also decided to that by using Microsoft’s new technology. In this joint venture with Microsoft Walgreens stores will provide services from preventive self-care to some chronic disease management.

There are many big companies which are trying to build a digital healthcare platform and earlier this year Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway said that they are going to create a company which will connect the drug makers and healthcare providers. In this agreement, Walgreens and Microsoft will develop healthcare solutions to reduce emergency room visits. In the healthcare industry there various startups which are working new and innovative solutions to help people but very few of them are succeeding in it. However, this new venture between Walgreens and Microsoft will be a game changer because both companies will be able to decrease the hospital readmission by providing the right type of health care service.

Walgreens has already decided to open up new 12 stores in which the company is aiming to sell digital devices which are relating to health care. It will be interesting to see how these big companies will be able to manage this new joint venture and whether they will get any success in it or not.

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