Netflix Decided To Increase Its Subscription Prices

Netflix Subscription Prices

If you’re a person who likes to Netflix and Chill, then you might not like this news because according to the recent report Netflix has decided to increase the prices of its subscription which means now you will have to pay more to get the benefit of this movie streaming platform. Netflix is that company which is dominating the streaming movie industry, and so far the company has got a good response from all over the world, however, to produce more of its movies Netflix has now decided to hike the prices. The prices of high definition subscription plan jumped from $10.99 to $12.99; the premium plans costs raised from $13.99 to $15.99.

Many people have subscribers the Non-HD pack, but the company has increased its prices also from $7.99 to $8.99. So if you re a movie freak who loves has got Netflix subscription then now you will have to pay more than what you used to. One of the primary reasons why the prices of the subscription plans have increased is because the company is running out of funds to produce the serials and movie shows. However, this news has impacted well on the company’s stock because Netflix’s share increased by 6.5 percent on Tuesday.

This increase in the prices will be applied to the US-based subscriber and many other countries in which people need to pay the amount of subscription in dollars. Netflix has more than 58 million subscribers in the USA and its primary source of income come from these group of people. The company while releasing this news said that it’s essential for Netflix to change the prices of its subscription plan to provide more good services to its users.

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