Netflix Is Going To Use New Software To Stop The Password Sharing

Netflix Password Sharing

Nowadays when we feel bored or tired the only thing which comes to our mind is to Netflix and chill also due to this thing Netflix has got more popular from last few years among teenagers. However, if you’re that type of person who likes to share with their friend’s login credentials so that all of your friends also can enjoy Netflix, then there’s a piece of bad news for you. Because according to recent report Netflix is managing to use new software which will ultimately prevent the user from sharing their login ID and password with other people. According to the sources, a UK based tech company called Synamedia has unveiled an artificial intelligence which any company can use to track those users who share their login credentials with another person.

There are many tech companies like Netflix which are based whose revenue model is based on subscription based. According to Netflix, More than 25 percent of its total subscribers have shared their login password with friends, family members, etc and to stop such practices, Netflix is thinking to use this AI. Synamedia company said that they had considered lots of factors while developing this AI because it can track down all the illegal password sharing done by users from their IP or location. There are some rules and norms which prevents any subscriber of the Netflix to share their access with another person unless they have a premium account and the company thinks this new AI will their problem. A researcher has found that if the password sharing continues at this rate, then it will cost more than 9.9 billion dollars of TV revenues.

So far it’s not confirmed whether the deal between Synamedia and Netflix has been signed or not to stop this password sharing practices, but if Netflix uses this new software, then it will surely save lots of revenues for the company.

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