CDC Says The Drug Overdose Death Rate Is Increasing Especially In Middle-Aged Women

Drug Overdose Death Rate

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the drug overdose death rate has rapidly increased from the last 20 years and especially middle-aged women facing deaths because of a drug overdose. The CDC recently finished up their study regarding the severe issue of the drug overdose and in the report its been explicitly mentioned that the drug overdose death rate has hit the middle-aged women most. From 1999 to 2017 the death rate among women aged between 30 to 60 has increased by more than 260 percent which is a concerning thing. If we put in another way then the rate has increased from 6.7 deaths per 100000 population in 1999 to 24 in 2018. There are various factors which have caused the overuse of drugs among US citizens especially women.

However, during the same period, the death rate associated with antidepressants, cocaine, heroin has also been seen to be increased. The CDC said that women above 55 are getting severe health problems because of the overdoses of drugs and most of them are dying because of it. The death rate is increased by more than 500 percent in those women who are aged between 54 to 65. If we compare to the CDCs historical data, then its stated that in 1999 the rate of death was highest in women aged 40-44 years old. The CDC, however, have no idea why there’s so much increase of fatalities because of a drug overdose, especially in middle-aged women.

Many health experts are predicting this could be because of the weak mental health also others are thinking there needs to more awareness about drug overdoses among women to stop this problem. It is clear that this problem is causing more trouble than ordinary people know and health organizations will have to take some severe actions regarding this issue.

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